Monday, May 16, 2011


We had such a great Easter this year. Rowan enjoyed a couple of egg hunts (both of which had petting zoos) so she was in heaven. She really understood how to get eggs and that there were treats inside. Easter Sunday we went to church, headed to Plano, and then back to Fort Worth for dinner with my family. Funny story about church - the power was out at our church so they moved the service to a banquet room at TCU. We took Rowan in with us since we didnt think they had child care and she really did good. Until the music stopped. Someone sneezed and she said in her normal loud voice, "whats that?!?" A baby cried, "BABY!!!!!" Eventually, Grant took her out after communion ("Yummy!!!! Grape Juice!") but I am glad she got to experience big church for the first time.

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