Friday, January 22, 2010

Museum Day with the Fam

The museum of science and history re-opened a couple of months ago and we have really enjoyed spending time there. They have great play areas for kids of all ages and Rowan loves checking out the other kids. We went this week with my mom, sister Lindsay, and my two adorable nieces, Riley and Lauren.

My sister Lindsay dominating the water spout...shes showing Riley how its done

Her future is so bright she has to wear shades

Mama and Rowan

Memaw and Rowan

Lauren in her element

Not too sure...

There is a spinning pinwheel that Rowan is entertained by

Memaw, aunt Lindsay, and Rowan

Birthday Birthday

Sunday was birthday day! Annalisa turned 3 and the party was at Celebrations and Rowan had a great time with new toys and new friends. We were also celebrating Janet's birthday in Plano and went to brunch with the family. It was a great day!

Annalisa kareoke's!

Pushing the cart...

Birthday Girl!

Mimi and her Rowan


Have you seen my crib style?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11 Months

" Mom...Seriously?!?" The first of many 'looks' I'm sure

Rowan is already 11 months! Just to look back at when she was 9 months, so much has changed since then. I am constantly amazed at how quickly she changes and learns new behaviors. She is still pulling up on everything, and can stand by herself for a short amount of time (10 seconds or so), and can walk along a chair or table while holding on to it. She just loves opening and closing doors so I let her have her own cabinet in the kitchen that she can play with. She has a little barn toy that has a door that she can open and close and crawl through. Music comes on and the song "Old McDonald" plays and she tries to sing "eieiooooo" along with it...that just cracks me up. She is saying a few more words, she picked up "hot" while we were in Lake Tahoe and it is clearly her favorite. Its the first word she says in the morning and anytime I try to teach her a new word, its only "hot". She loves the t sound. She also recently learned to say "up" and so she likes to say that too.

She is still eating up a storm and will let everyone around know that she is enjoying her yummy food. She is the loudest eater ever! One thing that I have been trying to work with her on is trying to get her to drink from a sippy cup. As we all know, she does like to be fed her bottle by her mama, so I am having a bit of a struggle with that. The doctor last visit told me to start weaning her from the bottle so that we can get rid of them on her first birthday...but we might have to delay that, we'll see.

She likes the little push cart that my parents got her for Christmas, but she is not too keen on walking yet. I am really not trying to push her into it, just letting her figure it out on her own.

She also is starting to understand the "restricted" parts of the house too. Since Grant works from home, I try to keep half of the house closed off for him so that his clients dont hear a loud baby while he is on the phone. We usually stay in the living room/kitchen area where her bedroom is and I shut the door to our room and the hallway. Our bedroom door can shut, but can be pushed open with a little force which Rowan has figured out. She opens the door by herself and barely crawls in our room. She stops and waits for me to say, "Rowan? What are you doing? No..." and that is when the giggling and screaming starts while she feverently crawls at her top speed toward Grants office, loving that I am chasing her. Of course, Grant loves it and she really never bothers him (I say that now, we will see in another couple of months). But it is so funny how she loves to be chased and also knows when she is doing something that she shouldn't be doing. I guess we have a bit of a rebel on our hands? Not surprising at all!

We are truly having so much fun with her and can't wait for her birthday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lake Tahoe

We went to Lake Tahoe with the McWhirter's after Christmas and it was a very eventful vacation. The best part of the trip was that Zack proposed to Heather! Yea! We just love Heather and could not be happier for them. We spent the day skiing and hanging out and then Zack took Heather to an awesome restaurant overlooking the lake and proposed right there at the best table in the place. After they ate, we met up with them for dessert and champagne. It was so special and we are so excited to welcome Heather to the McWhirter clan.

During the trip we skied, took Rowan on a sleigh ride, shopped, ate a lot, and just relaxed in the cabin that we rented. We are planning two more trips together this year and cannot wait for those to come! Enjoy the slide show I put together below. Sorry about the Keith Urban...could not figure out how to change that.

Lake Tahoe

Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Months

Here are a few pics of Rowan at 10 months. Its hard to believe even how much she has developed in just one month. She is pulling herself up on everything and just really enjoys crawling and opening and closing doors. She also has started communicating with me more and more of things that she likes and does not like. For instance, when she is done eating, she is done. She shoves the bottle out of her mouth or starts smearing her food all over her high chair. She does have to be the noisest eater I have ever heard. If I am on the phone when she is eating, the person on the other end usually asks..."what is Rowan doing?" Well, shes grunting away, happy as a clam to be eating again. She is so quirky and funny, constantly entertaining Grant and I. She is our little chunkster and we are, as always, having a blast watching her grow and play.


This was by far, the most excited Grant and I have been for Christmas since we were kids. We were so excited to celebrate such a meaningful holiday with Rowan and we really enjoyed ourselves this year hoping to make her Christmas merry.
We did have a white Christmas which made it so special for Rowan to see snow, it did, keep us from going to church on Christmas Eve. When I was growing up, we were always allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve, it was always pajamas. We continued the tradition and we all got comfy pajamas this year, thank you Santa!
We hosted our families at our house this year on Christmas Day, which was such a blessing! I hope to continue that tradition as well. We had brunch and Grant did the most fabulous prime rib ever! Looking for any excuse to cook that again. We had a great time eating, talking, playing games, and opening gifts. We are so blessed to have a wonderful family!

Rowan opening gifts on Christmas morning

White Christmas!

Christmas Eve gift...

Checking out the snow...

We went to the Gaylord to visit Santa, here is Rowan with her totally cool cousins, Riley and Lauren

Checking out the fire at the Gaylord

Family pic