Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Rowan!!!!

Rowan turned 1 on February 16th, I can't believe it! To say that we have been busy would be an understatement (more on February in another post)! We celebrated Rowan's birthday on February 13th with a party with her nearest and dearest. We are so blessed to have our friends and family that love Rowan so much they want to celebrate with her. We had so much fun playing, eating cake, and opening presents. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends supporting our sweet Rowan!!!! ps. Thank you aunts Lulu and Kikas for helping with the decor and ideas for her party!

Well, since my last post, about 2 months ago, Rowan has changed. A lot.

The day before her party, she started standing up unassisted. She is talking up a storm and two more teeth have come in. She can clap her hands, points at everything, and is still so curious about the world around her. Rowan attends UCC weekday school and last month they had parent-teacher conferences (which was so cute). They compiled a book complete with pictures about Rowan's development since she has started there, and the two "talking points" where what a great (and hilarious) eater she is and that she is an analytical thinker. This cracks me up because Grant and I both ask her often "why are you so serious?" because she concentrates and looks like she is in deep thought a lot. I have even had strangers in the grocery store comment on how "pensive" she is. I think that she is just taking in the world around her, observing every little bit she can.

We love you sweet girl! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!