Sunday, August 22, 2010


I would love to be the person that remembers and keeps this blog updated all of the time, but I like to "cluster" blog if you will - compose 10 posts and then try again in 3 months. I will try to be better about this.
Here we are in Wimberley with my family, so relaxing, so peaceful, truly a blast. By the way, the best summer purchase was the below "puddle jumper" float. It has rocked its way through the summer, allowing Rowan to swim along without being in her face and too bulky. Clutch for this year and next!
Here we are at PK with Grants family. A relaxing weekend getaway, need to go there more, its only 1.5 hours from Ft Worth.

Here we are in Lake Tahoe for our bi-annual McWhirter family stomp down. Just keeps getting better and better each time we go.

We had a great summer, lots of swimming, lots of ice cream, not a lot of business. Just what its supposed to be about!

18 Month Photo Shoot

18 Months

What a summer! We are ready for fall in the McWhirter household. After a long, hot summer of traveling, swimming, and all around shenanigans, we are ready to get back to our regular schedule.

Rowan is doing great! She is a water dog, i.e. LOVES to swim, and is continually amazes us every day. She will repeat a lot of what you say, so we have enjoyed hearing her new words like baby, please, happy, shhhh, mimi, pop pop, ro ro (yes, she can semi say her name), and will mimic a lot of animal sounds. She thinks its funny to laugh when other people are laughing and if you yell, she will yell. She is eating a lot. Our doc says that children her age should eat about 4 tablespoons of food at each meal time. Oh, wow, she eats a whole plate full of food. It is crazy to me how much this child can put down. Her favorite toy is her baby, "Oooeee" is her name. She also really enjoys feeding the dogs through their kennel door in the morning, although I just realized that what she really is doing is letting them lick her waffle, and then she eats it. Disgusting. Rowan loves to climb on things and not listen to mommy. She also likes to say "no" and scream a blood curdling scream when she doesnt get what she wants. Needless to say, "timeout" is a word that is frequently used in our vocabulary. Even though I dont think that she really knows what it means, I think she has picked up on when her older friends get in trouble, their mommy asks if they want to be put in timeout, and her friend says "no" and changes her tune. So Rowan will answer me when I ask about timeout, but usually gets sidetracked and quits what she was doing to begin with. Did I mention sidetracked? Well, it is really not fun carrying a 27lb monster everywhere in 106 degree heat, so I have really encouraged R to walk more and hold my hand when we are out and about. So we are walking...walking...walking...plane flies somewhere in the 150 mile radius...stop. "Whas saaaaattt?" Patience my friends, patience.

There are so many more funny and adorable things that Rowan does on a daily basis, but this post would be a mile long, so I have abbreviated her latest escapades. Potty training and big girl bed are next on my list. Should be interesting!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great memorial weekend. Grant and I went to Colonial and to a few Colonial parties while Rowan stayed with Mimi and Mac. We picked her up Sunday and headed to a barbque and then on Monday went to my sisters to swim. This was Rowan's first swim since last year and it took her a second to get used to the water, and once she did, she really enjoyed it. We thought she was going to fall asleep on her raft. Aaaah, the joys of summer!

Here is Rowan playing with her cousin, Lauren. She is pointing to her nose.


Belly button...

I love this picture...three tired monkeys after swimming all day

"I'm soooooo relaxed mama"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Nash is Finally Here!!!!!

Sweet Nash arrived at 11:48pm on May 19, 2010. Everyone is doing great and this little one is absolutely precious! Such a laid back baby! More pics to come.

Lindsey's sweet family waiting for Nash to get here. Baby looks just like his Uncle Chad for now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What we have been up to lately...

We have been pretty busy lately, here is what we've been up to...

We visited the zoo with Reed and Leah

Big fish coming!!!! See Rowan backing off...

"ooh ooh ahh ahh" She sees a monkey

Mommy and Me Happy Hour at Vicki's. The last get together before the Sawyer's headed to Lubbock. Tear! We will miss yall and Rowan will definitely miss Riverson, her bff.

Rowan, Carter, Emma, Skylar, Hazel, Drake, and Riverson...This was hilarious.

Priceless! Rowan and Riverson attacking baby Skylar, they love her so!

Rowan's last day of mother's day out was last week, how many more days till fall?!

This was the bouquet that Rowan made me for mother's day. So special!

Last day of school with bff Charlie

Her wonderful teachers, Mrs. Jennifer and Nana

Time to break out the pool, its getting HOT!
Have you met Boogs McWhirter?

This picture just makes me smile...look at her hand on dada's leg.

We ate her first ice cream cone at Grandmommy's. She almost finished the whole thing!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grant's 30th Birthday

May 10th was Grant's 30th birthday and we celebrated the following weekend. I had arranged for he and his friends to play golf at Texas Star and then everyone else that didn't play golf to meet at the clubhouse for a happy hour. It was a surprise, the first surprise that I have actually been able to somewhat pull off in our 9 years together. We had a blast and Grant was so happy that everyone could celebrate. Good times!

The fam after the surprise
Matt, Claire, Grant, and Rowan

Mimi and Rowan waiting for dada


Grant coming in on the 18th

Vicki, Brynn, and me

Ellis/McWhirter/Daniel Family

Heather, Mimi, Me, Meemaw, Lindsay

Mimi, Me, Meemaw

Cupcakes by SugarShack - they had a picture of Grant jumping over the fire at Steak Fry when he was 18

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grant! I love you more than anything and am so proud of you for everything you are!!!! Cheers wompus!

15 Months and raring to go!!!!

This is a typical day in my house now...Rowan into everything...the dogs into on the snack traps and sippy cups...screaming..."mama! mama! mama!" I love it! This is what being a mom is about! The best part is at the end of the day, when your little one is to tired, they might not make it through their bedtime book and you give them one last hug and they lay their head on your shoulder and pat your back. Makes me smile the biggest smile and look forward to another tomorrow!
Rowan is so much fun at this age, but she's always been fun, its just a different - you understand what I'm saying and doing - stage. Rowan is running and walking all over the place, into everything its almost comical. I love it when I find sippy cups in the trash, toilet, and washing machine. That little stinker! Oh yea, the washing machine. We have the front loading one and it has a child lock on it, but that does not protect the power button. Rowan loves to turn it on and off, especially mid-cycle and when I go to get the clothes out thinking its done...water pours out. Other bad behaviors that are hilarious to Rowan (hilarious in her book is when she knows she is not supposed to do something, i.e. immediately followed by the word "no") - getting into the dog crates, grabbing the toilet paper and making a run for it with it streaming behind her, full force running into the closet and faceplanting it into our hanging clothes, running into daddy's office and spreading out as many papers as possible, using the fax machine, standing on the dishwasher door, putting her toothbrush down the drain in the sink, getting in the shower when we are in there, throwing food off of her tray, taking her shoes off everywhere we go and putting them in her mouth, and the list continues. Like LaTarian (sp?) Rowan thinks its fun to do bad things.

Rowan has also added new words to her vocabulary - quack, shoes, ouch, uh oh, no! no! no!, nigh nigh, some of these words she has said for a while, but these are mostly what she is saying all the time now. When she sees something she likes, she yells "dada!" She also says that when she sees Grant or hears his voice.

Eating is not so much fun now, I mean what kid does not like pbj sandwiches, quesadillas, chicken fingers? Rowan does not. She is on the carb, carrot, and fruit diet and about nothing else. The best thing I heard from her 15 month appointment, was that its my job to provide her the food on the table, but its her job to eat it. So I dont feel so bad now and I am so over fixing her own special meal when she wont eat a bite and it ends up on the floor.

What else is Rowan doing that is new? about temper tantrums, screaming, whining, and my most favorite...arching of the back when she doesnt want to be put in her stroller or car seat. Rowan tried to run into the street at my grandmothers house, I got her in time, but it was full on melt down after that and my sweet grandmother was worried about her for days. This does not happen every day, but it makes me sad that Rowan has added frustrated and angry to her list of emotions. She gets over it really fast if I distract her, but it is just as frustrating for me to see her go through this. At our last doc appointment, Mercer said, next time we will talk about potty training and time out. WHAT?!?!

My little Ranger...

We went to the Ranger game on mother's day and here are a few pics. She likes to stand in the seat and people watch just like her mama and mimi! We cant go for the whole game and there is not a lot of baseball watching going on, but that is what usually happens with me anyway when we go. She claps when everyone else claps and dances when music comes on, its pretty funny. We have so much fun when we go, I know Rowan likes it too.