Monday, September 26, 2011


This is how a conversation went with Rowan today-

Me:  "Rowan, who is my best friend?"
Rowan: "Me"
Me: "Who is your best friend?"
Rowan: "Elliot"

I mean, how sweet is that?  She has been the best big sister, we are so proud of her.  Cannot believe that we could be so lucky to have two precious girls!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elliot's First Month

Do you see that smile? Does it make you want to melt?!? I know I will be saying this on every monthly post, but the first month has come and gone and I cant believe it. Elliot is such a great baby. She sleeps a lot and eats every three hours. She is such a happy girl and we hardly hear a peep from her other than her little grunts. We called her a little piggy in the operating room and from her cry and noises and she is still sounding that way today.
For the first 3 weeks, literally, this child would have slept the entire 24 hours of a day other than to eat. She consistently wakes up every 3 hours, eats, burps, and back to bed. Last week she became more alert and aware of her surroundings. She has smiled for me a couple of times and even rolled over from her tummy to her back once. I think it was a fluke because she hasnt done it again. As of last week, she wakes up every 3rd hour, eats, and stays awake for about an hour and a half and then back to bed. At night, shes pretty good at going right back to bed. She even slept from 8-2am one night! I was in heaven getting that much sleep!
We love you so much little sister! We cant wait to watch you grow and become your own little person!