Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Rowan this year...

Rowan last year on Easter Sunday...truly amazing!
We had a great Easter Sunday. We actually had a weekend full of activities planned, but they all had to be axed due to the stomach bug that Rowan and I got. Luckily, we were both feeling better by Sunday and were able to make it to church, brunch with the McWhirters, and then to my parents house for dinner.
I cannot believe how much Rowan has grown in one year. WHERE DID THAT BABY GO????? She is the love of our lives and we are so blessed.

My World...

...and I love it!
This was found in a toilet (the seat was opened and closed for this to happen) before we were about to go to bed. Any parent can tell you that things like this at the end of the day can bring you and your partner the biggest laugh, no matter how crazy and long the day was. I just had to share because we are still smiling about this one!

Lindsey's Shower

The girls.
Lindsey looks stunning in her blue.

Kristen had a bib monogrammed "Ricky Nash" which is one of her kikas-isms. It was hilarious.
My sweet friend, Lindsey, is welcoming baby Nash into the world in early May and we recently showered her with all things boy! Nena, aka "the coug" hosted us at her house with some of the moms, and it was so nice. The food was fabulous and Lindsey had the sweetest cake balls as a party favor. I wish I had a picture of it prior to me scarfing them down (Grant's didnt quite make it home :-)). They also did the cutest centerpiece of childhood pictures of Lindsey and Charlie. We absolutely cannot wait for this baby to get here, the Benson's are going to make the best parents!

Babies! Babies! Babies!

March has been a very busy month for our sweet friends who have welcomed new babies into the world. We have had so much fun meeting each of these precious squeezers and hearing all about life with a new baby. It is so funny how each delivery is different and each baby is different. We are so thankful for these healthy, happy, gifts from God!

Baby Luke
Born to lifelong friends Donatella and Luke and big sister, Annalisa

Baby Skylar
Born to great friends Isaac (Triple I from Idalou) and Brynn.

Baby Leah


Born to our neighbors and great friends, David and Lisa

Reed and Rowan

We have been lucky to meet the Sheilds through our neighbors, David and Lisa, and they have a son, Reed, that is Rowan's age. They are so cute together, they were trying to hold hands last weekend. Reed started walking before Rowan so he is showing her the ropes. He is so precious, we just loves the way he talks, he has his own language and it is adorable! This is the night I realized that I needed to say goodbye to nice clothes for Rowan, toddlers are dirty!

Rowan Loves Mickey Mouse!

Rowan's Dedication

Rowan was dedicated at church on March 21st and it was a very special day for us. Despite the ice in Plano, the McWhirter's made it in as well as my family for the service. Afterward, we had everyone over to our house for lunch. It was the perfect day for our sweet daughter and the church was so sweet, they crocheted a "prayer shawl" for Rowan for her journey with God. We are so lucky to have found such a welcoming, wonderful congregation and church.

Rowan is 13 Months!

Ever since Rowan's birthday, time has flown by, and our little one has changed so much. To our amazement, Rowan went from standing on her own to full on walking in about a months time. She started to stand on her own the day before her birthday and then started walking on March 13th. She is such the explorer and is still a little unsteady. She just recently learned in the last couple of days how to stand up on her own. She tries to walk faster than she knows how and inevitably falls down a lot. She has little bruises and scrapes on her shins from falling, but I guess that is just part of being a kid.
She is still unsure about the independence thing. She knows what she wants to be doing (walking, grabbing for something, she wants up or down) but she still likes mama to be close by so that she can be picked up at a moments notice. Its nice in the beginning of walking because she cant move fast, so we can cruise along the sidewalk, and I dont have to worry about her running into the street. She mostly learned how to walk outside on the sidewalk because there is nothing to hold on to like in the house.
She has learned how to blow kisses, claps, waves, she loves to point at everything, and can even show you different parts of her body (nose, mouth, eyes, ears, and her favorite belly button). She also understands what "shhhhh" means and will say "shhhh" and put her finger over her mouth while she is doing it. I think that she is starting to actually understand what I am saying when I talk to her. She still says "hot" all the time, but loves to say "mama" "dada" "nana" "ouch" and whatnot. She also tries to say "shoes" the sh is the cutest thing that she says too. She is also mimicking a lot too, so we have had to be careful about what we say around her because she will randomly say what you say, and then forget it and wont say it again.
Rowan loves to eat. In fact, I think she likes food a little too much. She gets so excited to eat and will let you know if she doesnt like something. Her favorite thing to do is to throw food over her high chair and watch you pick it up. Instead of saying no, I just started to ignore it and I think that is helping. She finally started liking milk and will gulp it down if you give it. We started brushing her teeth with an Elmo toothbrush and baby toothpaste, it is the cutest thing, she loves to get her teeth brushed.
We are having so much fun with her as always!