Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family this year. We are truly blessed for such wonderful people in our lives and cannot be more thankful for each and every one of you!
The Buchanan's came in town for Thanksgiving and we hosted a casual get together at our house to see our beloved friends all the way from Pennsylvania!

Donatella, Kristen, Whitney, and Kathy

Rowan, Lindsey, and Kristen

Annalisa in her precious tutu!

The girls

Me and Kristen B

Lindsey and Kristen

Brooke and Whitney

LGB drinking her mama water!

Kathleen, Whitney, Brooke, and Donatella

Kristen x 2

Show us a move Annalisa!

This is my favorite picture

Rowan and Annalisa

On Thanksgiving morning we headed to Dallas for the Turkey Trot with the Isoms and Sawyers. It was a great way to start our day!

I love this picture because Rowan always does this in the stroller when she sees me pushing her. It makes me melt!

Zach, Jagger, Grant, and Henry (Hank stayed at home)

Riverson and Rowan bundled up!

Me, Rowan, Vicki, and Riverson

Thumbs up, I'm just chillin

After the Turkey Trot we headed back to Plano for lunch with the McWhirter's and then to Fort Worth for dinner with my family. A lot of driving in one day, but well worth it. Christmas is at our house this year! Yea!

Rowan really liked to play the piano.

And as always, to be on Grant's shoulders

On Saturday, Tech played Baylor at Cowboys Stadium. It was fun to see everyone and tailgate outside this awesome arena!

After the game, Grant and I headed to Dallas to see James McMurtry at the Grenada with Zack and Heather. He played a great show and Grant sat next to a writer who included a couple of quotes from Grant in his review of the show. Something about how well McMurtry plays the guitar. I will let Grant share that one with you.
Me and Heather
Grant jamming out...

After a long week of celebrations, we did get to take Rowan to pick out her first Christmas tree. We got it in and have still yet to decorate, we are still recovering from Thanksgiving. I honestly have never been this excited for the Holidays in a really long time. I just cant wait to share this upcoming time with our little missy.

d su

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What we have been up to lately...

Rowan loves the washer and dryer! She is pulling herself up on everything!

She also likes the dishwasher and the noises it makes.

We went to the state fair about a month ago with the Howards and Sawyers, so fun!

Zach and Riverson

Rowan and Holt

We went to Ross's 30th birthday and our buds Riverson and Claire were there.

The family before the party

We got a new swing and put it in the front yard, Rowan just loves it!

This was on our 8 month birthday

Good times!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Whew! Crazy Days!

Wow! We had quite a day today for hitting milestones. I went to get Rowan out of bed this morning and found this....

AAAhhhh! We are sitting up from our tummy! Time to lower the bed....
She is wondering why I am taking her picture at 6:30am...

Later today, she started saying..."da da" "da da" "da da da da da da da". I was so happy! I just wished Grant was home to hear her. All day I was telling her "da da is coming home from work" and "da da is excited to see you". She would say "da da da da". When he got home, I was building her up to say it, but she was so excited to see him that she just squealed and laughed. Oh well, I am sure he will hear it very soon, and again, and again, and again.

THEN, I was making her food in the kitchen and she was playing on her mat, and I saw out of the corner of my eye, a little baby putting one hand in front of the other, headed my way! I got so excited, I bent down and was clapping and congratulating Rowan, she just sat on her butt and started laughing. She was concentrating so hard that I broke it and she just wanted to play from then on. I imagine in the next few days, we will have a full time crawler on our hands. She also mastered today going from tummy to booty and practices over and over again.
Here are some pics from playtime on her mat and her acheivements!

About to crawl...

Work it...

"Nah, I'm gonna chew on this for a while"

"Here I come mama!"


I love you so much, sweet girl. Please stop growing up so fast!!!!

Happy Halloween!

We had quite the eventful Halloween for Rowan's first time in her monkey costume! We had some friends over to watch the Tech game during the day and were planning on going trick or treating on our street after, BUT, as any parent will tell you, these things never go according to plan. Rowan got bit by ants and she is allergic, so we gave her Benadryl, and then she became very cranky and sleepy. Luckily, we got her in her costume for about 5 minutes before she conked out. We did have fun with our friends, it is always great to get together, especially with a Tech win and it being 70 and sunny.

Hopefully, things will go better next year and she will be able to enjoy Halloween and all of the festivities!


Monkey and proud Mac

Here are Rowan's older and cooler friends, Claire and Grayson. She just loves hanging with these fun girls!

Aaaand, complete chaos!


Family pic