Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Labor Day in Lake Tahoe

We had the opportunity to go to Lake Tahoe with Grant's family on Labor Day and of course, we were so excited to go. It was Rowan's first trip on the plane, she did so well, and to California! We stayed in an awesome cabin and had so much fun with everyone. We can't wait to go back for New Years Eve!
Grant and I at the Brewery - They have the best pizza in Tahoe!
Here are Grant, Rowan, and I on the deck of Riva Grill overlooking the Lake. They have the best drink, "the woody" that they are famous for. We all had a few on the trip!

Here is Rowan taking a bath in the sink, she did not like the big tub!

Here we are after the boys finished a round at Tanglewood and we all met for lunch and mojitos at the club house.

The fam: us, Jim, Janet, Zack, and Heather

The men

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rowan's 6 month photo shoot

We had Christi with Candid Chic Photos do Rowan's 6 month shots. They turned out really good! Well, with the exception of my bra strap showing in most of them. Luckily, Christi can edit it out of the ones that we purchase. If you would like to take a look, go to go to "Clients" then "Holiday 2009" and then you will find Rowan's pretty little face. The password is: brooke. Rowan looks so adorable. We are so lucky to have a smiley, healthy baby!!!